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Micro level price data for USA – details - July 11, 2015

This electronic data archive was developed by Mario J. Crucini, Chris I. Telmer and Robert A. Margo. The original source document for this data is: Wholesale Commodity Prices in the United States, 1700-1861, Statistical Supplement, Actual Wholesale Prices of Various Commodities, by Arthur H. Cole, 1938, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA. We are grateful to […]

Micro level price data – USA - July 7, 2015

PROPRIETARY DATA United States: ACCRA This is a proprietary data source of retail prices in U.S. cities. It covers the period 1990:Q1-2007:Q4 (totally 72 quarters) and is currently updated quarterly by the firm that is responsible for the survey. There are 632 cities and the sample consists of 75 goods. Information about the data and […]